Running Bucket List

This is an ever-evolving, ever lengthening list
1. Sky dive - tandem
2. Static-line jump and gradually work my way up to a solo sky dive!
3. Bungee jump - maybe. I know P would love if I did it but I've heard it's not so good for the brain...
4. See the Northern Lights - once in Iceland for P, and again in Norway for me
5. Walk El Camino de Santiago in Spain
6. Learn to kayak
7. Learn to rock climb properly
8. Do the 3 Peaks Challenge
9. Hike up Snowdon
10. See Hadrian's Wall
11. Re-learn Spanish
12. Learn to sing & join a choir
13. COMPLETE a triathlon (P told me he'd done one when we first started dating. Later he admitted that he'd done the swimming part, came in last and Quit!!)
14. Learn to scuba dive - become qualified
15. Learn to surf, properly
16. Do the 10k for Race for Life
17. Run a half marathon
18. Walk the Inca Trail - P wanted Peru to be our next adventure.
19. Get my UK driving license
20. See Bruce Springsteen live
21. See Bruce Springsteen live - again
22. Direct a theatre show
23. See an Olympic event in person
24. Go to the Lake District
25. Learn to ski/snowboard
26. Take a cooking class
27. Do Drama without Borders
28. Go to a music festival
29. Travel to:
      South America in general
      New Zealand
      Kep in Cambodia
      Kerala, India
      Germany - Berlin, Munich
30. Spend time travelling through the US, spending time with loved ones
31. Write a book
32. Get my UK citizenship
33. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
34. See the Grand Canyon
35. Do Las Vegas
36. Be in a feature film!
37. Be in a tv show!
38. Be in a commercial!
39. Start my own drama workshops
40. Get a tattoo - always kinda wanted one and P said I should get one because he was 'too old for one'.
41. Take a photography course
42. Do a one woman show
43. Take a show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival
44. Road trip of California & Napa